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Jobs opportunities

The HYKE Research Training Network finances positions for PhD students and Postdocs according to the "mobility rules of the EU" (see http://www.cordis.lu/improving/networks/tour3.htm), e.g., age limit (under 35 years), no national of the host country where sHe has not lived more than 12 of the last 24 months before the contract starts.

Requests/Applications should preferably be sent to the TO (Team Organizer) of the team where the applicant wants to go. However, applications can be sent also to (any member of) the Training Committee. 

a) "Predocs" , i.e. PhD students : recommended duration of a HYKE contract is 4 months (required length of stay abroad to obtain the "European doctorate"), duration between 2 and 12 months possible 

b) "Postdocs" , i.e. researchers with a PhD : stays between 3 and 6 months are the rule, minimum duration of a contract is 2 months, duration up to 12 months is possible.

All employments have to be approved by the Training Committee (TC) of HYKE in the following way : the TO who intends to hire a Pre/Postdoc sends an e-mail to the TC containing the following information : 
Age, nationality, gender, last university degree (place and supervisor) 
as appendix 1: a vita, including publication list 
as appendix 2 : a short description of the training programme of this particular candidate : who will work with her/him on which of the 16 topics of the HYKE work programme. 

TOs are requested to report ALL candidates for HYKE positions to the TC, 
even if they do not intend to hire her/him ! 
On the one hand this helps to ensure that gender balance rules are not violated, 
on the other hand the TC might help to propose a different group to host the candidate and optimize the overall allocation of training. 

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