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Towards another network ?


Planning group

A coordinator and a small group of people in charge of writing a proposal will be selected soon in order to answer to the next RTN call. Within the next 2 weeks the planning group will collect all suggestions, and plans to submit them to the StC, TO, TC, PG, SiC, SAB by the end of the month of april.

Please send your suggestions to hyke_pg[AT]ceremade.dauphine.fr or to one of the members of the planning group:

Yann Brenier
Jean Dolbeault
Rosa Donat
Sebastian Noelle
Lorenzo Pareschi
Athanasios Tzavaras
Christian Schmeiser
Anders-F. Szepessy

A new proposal

A new proposal, named
Hyperbolic and Kinetic Equations Mathematics for Flows, Waves, and Transport
with acronym HYKE, was submitted on 28 Sep to the EU,
asking for support for 4 years within the 6th FP as a Marie Curie Research Training Network.


The Project Co-ordinator is Helge Holden, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and the Head Scientist is Yann Brenier, Nice.
The project consist of eleven teams listed below with team leader (Scientist-in-Charge)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway (Helge Holden)
The Wolfang Pauli Institute, Austria (Christian Schmeiser)
The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (Gunilla Kreiss)
University of Mainz, Germany (Ansgar Juengel)
University of Bielefeld, Germany (Christian Rohde)
Oxford University, UK (Endre Suli)
University of Granada, Spain (Juan Soler)
CNR, Italy (Paola Pietra)
Charles University, Czech Republic (Josef Malek)
GdR CNRS 2900 "CHANT", France(Francois Castella)
Foundation for Research and Technology -- Hellas, Greece (Ch. Makridakis)

The procedure is the following: Applications are evaluated in two steps, Stage 1 and 2. Our application is for Stage 1, and if successful we will be invited to apply for Stage 2. The timetable is given below:
The evaluation of outline proposals in stage 1 will be completed in November 2005. Co-ordinators of
retained proposals following stage 1 will be notified in December 2005 and will receive the Evaluation
Summary Report with comments and an overall statement on passed thresholds. They will be invited to
submit their stage 2 proposals by the second deadline, envisaged for February 2006.
If we are successful also in Stage 2, contract negotiations will be completed by July 2006.


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