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HYKE newsletter No. 9

From: Norbert Mauser (norbert.mauser@univie.ac.at)
Date: 27.04.2005

* info on
* 1) HYKE events until end of RTN on 31.7.05
* 2) practical things

* 3) HYKE_next

Dear friends,

I hope that, finally, all the 368 registered HYKErs
get my newsletters ! 
There has been a lot of technical problems after
the migration of the HYKE server from "acm" to
"ceremade" and in particular the "e-mail aliases"
were not working properly.

=> please check on the HYKE webpage if you
received all previous "newsletters" (the last one
with the announcement of the Abel prize for
Peter Lax on top) - and read those that you
didn't receive by mistake (sorry !) - there's some
interesting info.

Our annual meeting A-HYKE3 in Rome was really 
nice - thanks again to Roberto Natalini and all
other co-organizers !

please be aware that the EU funded RTN HYKE
is definitely finishing 31.7.2005 and all EU money
unused at that day is lost ! Please check the
webpage for more official HYKE events to come
where the "networking money" can be used.

a propos money :
The 2nd annual payment has arrived - by now we 
got the maximum possible amount (3 Mill - 15 % 
that are always retained until the final report).

concerning the future of HYKE : in Rome there was
a consensus among those present that we should
keep in any case the scientific structure of HYKE
and the basic infrastructure like the webpage with
the preprint server, event server, mailing list etc.

For future funding we agreed that we shall tap on
all possible sources of funding for HYKE, within the 
Marie Curie Actions of the EC and also outside 
(ESF etc). The next step will be to submit a proposal
for a "continuation" of HYKE as a RTN for the deadline
in fall. Even if not all details of the rules are completely
clear yet, it's time to start to think about the structure
of the RTN and possible coordinators/scientists in 
charge. Everybody who is willing to participate in the
core team of the new project and work hard e.g. on the
proposal writing, in particular those who feel qualified 
for the role of coordinator and/or scientist-in-charge 
should please send an e-mail to
in the next 2 weeks !

keep on hyking !

best regards,


* info on
* 1) HYKE events until end of RTN on 31.7.05
* 2) practical things

* 3) HYKE_next

in the next months there are still several interesting HYKE 
related events, the last one will take place in Vienna :
From 19 - 27 July 05 we (Yann, ... and myself) organize the 
annual "HYKE summer school and workshop" on "Nonlinear 
PDEs" at the WPI. It is my pleasure that again former "YRs" 
of HYKE (like Michael Westdickenberg) will contribute with
"main lecture series".
Since the EC funded network HYKE finishes 31.7.2005, 
this is the last event where HYKE "travel money" can be used.

At the occasion of this meeting we shall also start the "hot
proposal writing phase" for a follow up RTN in the 6th 
framework programme.

A propos :

* 1-bis)

There are more HYKE events this year, please consult the
webpage and please don't forget to put events you organize
or that you know to be interesting for the HYKE community !
Please "do-it-yourself" !

In case you organize an event where HYKE confunding 
would be appropriate please put the event in the webpage 
and AFTERWARDS send an e-mail to Benoit, Yann or myself 
requesting "upgrade" to HYKE-cofunding !

*2) practical issues, "HYKE numerical gallery"

Please continue to put preprints on the HYKE preprint
server !

This kind of "engagement" will make it easier to tell the
really active people who want to participate as contract
partners in the next EU funded RTN of the HYKE community !

The "soft infrastructure" of HYKE, like the webpage+database
with the "events", "preprint server", "numerical gallery" and the
mailing list, will be continued in any case after the EC funding for 
the RTN HYKE expires, so your efforts are not short-lived,
on the contrary !

* 3) "HYKE_next" :

concerning a new EU funded Research Training Network in
the 6th Framework programme :
We are in a relatively good position for the next deadline
(which will be postponed for about one month from the
published date 8 Sep. 05)

Note that the rules have changed in comparison to HYKE_now :

in particular it will not be possible to have more than about 1/3
Postdocs and it will in general not be possible to make grants 
instead of regular working contracts.

The most drastic change is that "satellite" structures can no
longer be put "officially" in the contract. In HYKE_now we
have 15 teams and 80 satellites figuring in Annex A, so we
have to reduce the list of "official contract participants"

A nice solution is to chose as nods legal entities like the WPI or the
Italian INDAM who can include several nonlocal scientists by
affiliating them legally to the node.
The "Clou" is that in France it is definitely possible to make
a GdR of the CNRS the node ! Since the CHANT of Castella
groups "all-French-HYKE" this is very good news for us.

Greece is fine with FORTH, I hope that also in other countries
"the homework was done" (3 years ago I called for the foundation
of legal entities like the WPI, last not least since I smelled the 
change of rules)

Actually the reduction of "offical satellites" is not only bad, since 
it has important, rather positive consequences e.g. on the choice 
of possible referees.

However, the maximum number of "teams" appearing in the 
contract is still unclear. I have first-hand information that up to
20 is o.k. , but also the maximum number of 10 was emphasized.

Of course, any planning is difficult before we have a final decision 
on this, I would suggest to start to plan with a "1 team per 
country approach" (we had 12 and we certainly should add England 
and some "Eastern" countries like Poland and Czechia and eventually
Bulgaria as independent teams, so anything short of 15 teams is
too little)

The final public information on this will be in the new "handbook"
that will appear in May or even June.
Since we have plenty of time until October to setup the final
structure and write the 10 pages for the "stage 1" proposal,
we should be cautious not to make tough discussions or
premature decisions before.

The "overcoming fragmentation" aspect is important in the next
deadline and it IS best served by large structures like HYKE or 
EAGER that had an impressing performance in hiring YRs and 
that have proven to use the EC funding with an enormous leverage 

I am confident and I will continue to work hard that a new structure
and proposal will be accomplished that includes as many of us
as possible in the contract and that includes all of us in the project.

Everybody who is willing to participate in the core team of the
new project and work hard e.g. on the proposal writing, in particular
those who feel qualified for the role of coordinator and/or
scientist-in-charge should please send an e-mail to
in the next 2 weeks !


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