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HYKE newsletter No. 8

From: Norbert Mauser (norbert.mauser@univie.ac.at)
Date: Friday, March 18, 2005

* info on
* !) Abel Prize for Peter Lax  :-)
* 1) last call for A-HYKE3 in Roma : 
13-15.April 2005
*     Poster sessions for YRs !
* 2) practical things

* 3) HYKE_next

Dear friends,

this years Abel prize goes to Peter Lax !
Chapeau & Champagne !

Please do not forget to register for our 3rd annual 
meeting A-HYKE3  in  Roma, from 13-15 of April 2005


arrivederci a Roma !

best regards,


* !) Abel prize for Peter Lax

I am most happy that Peter was awarded the Abel prize
"for his groundbreaking contributions to the theory and 
application of partial differential equations and to the 
computation of their solutions.”

I really like this phrase in the official statement (of the
Norwegian academy of science)

This is an important reckognition also for our community 
and scientific field that still has to face prejustices of  
some "pure mathematicians" who try to downrank the
value of modeling and numerics/scientific computing.

Besides his absolutely outstanding scientific merits
Peter has also rendered most valuable services to the
mathematical community, including the famous
"inter-agency Lax report" in 1982
that is credited with spurring the launch of the 
supercomputer centers of the NSF.
Peter is also one of the spiritual fathers of HYKE and he
has been thesis adviser or examiner for several HYKErs.
His criticism, advice and encouragement has always been 
very important for us.
I hope that next year a new RTN HYKE_next will be among
the "presents" for his 80 birthday.

* 1) A-HYKE3 : "All hykes lead to Rome"

please do not forget to register on the webpage, even if
you have booked flight/hotel independently (this holds
also for speakers and committee members).

All YRs of HYKE are kindly invited to present a poster 
at the conference, where they give a short presentation 
of their work and themselves. 
In order to participate in this poster activity, please send
an e-mail to the organizers of A-HYKE3  (Roberto Natalini).

On the webpage you find also the names of the speakers
and more info :
Please consult

I would recommend to book flights and hotels (cf webpage) 
immediately - right now there are still very inexpensive offers 
for flights to Rome and I am still confident that Alitalia will still 
fly in April.

*2) practical issues, "HYKE numerical gallery"

Please don't forget to put yourself events that you organize
or that you know to be interesting for the HYKE community !
Please "do-it-yourself" !

In case you organize an event where HYKE confunding 
would be appropriate please put the event in the webpage 
and send an e-mail to Benoit, Yann or myself requesting
"upgrade" to HYKE-cofunding.

Please continue to put preprints on the HYKE preprint

Please have a look on our "numerical gallery" and feel
free to contact the ITEC to participate !
(E-mail to:  hyke_web@ceremade.dauphine.fr).

* 3) "HYKE_next" :

I am continously gathering information on what would be
the best strategy and interpretation of the rules in order
to get a follow up RTN trough that keeps most of the
HYKE community and agrees with the recommendations
of the SAB and the planning group.
Indeed, chances are not zero that a "satellite" structure
like in HYKE is possible again which  is the key question. 
I see a chance that the commission will let it up to the 
referees to judge if a structure is optimal for a particular
project, but further discussions are necessary to be
absolutely sure if HYKE_next can include all the
satellites we wish. 
In that case, we have a big bonus in the "overcoming
fragmentation" aspect.



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