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* info on
* 1) A-HYKE3 in Roma : 13-15.April 2005
* 1-bis) other HYKE events in 2005
* 2) practical issues
* 2-bis) Numerical Gallery
* 3) HYKE_next

Dear friends,

The webpage for the 3rd annual meeting A-HYKE3 in 
Roma, from 13-15 of April 2005, is ready at


please register and reserve the flight asap.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you there :-)

I want to remind that the little HYKE "networking money"
that we have is supposed to be used for attending HYKE 
labelled events like the annual meeting and that in particular 
the demand of a YR for funding to attend such an event 
has top priority and must not be declined as long as
HYKE funds are available. Another top priority is the
participation of TOs and members of SC, TC, SAB.

The "Workshop in memoriam Frederic Poupaud" will take
place 17-19. Feb 05 in Nice - the members of the "scientific
family" of Frederic (PhD students, co-authors, jury members)
were personally invited, but, of course, this workshop with 
excellent talks on some of the core themes of HYKE is open 
to everyone. See the workshop webpage at
for details and contact the local organizers in case you want
to attend.

From 20 - 27 July 05 we will organize the annual "summer
school and workshop" on "Nonlinear PDEs" in Vienna.
Since the EC funded network HYKE finishes 31.7.2005, 
this is the last event where HYKE "travel money" can be used.

At the occasion of this meeting we shall also start the "hot
proposal writing phase" for a follow up RTN in the 6th 
framework programme.

A propos :
Unfortunately, no-one took over to submit a HYKE connected
proposal for a RTN for the 2nd Dec 04 deadline - I think we
missed a good opportunity since HYKE contains several
strong teams with real contacts to industry for the required 
"intersectorial" approach.
Now we should find the optimal strategy for the 8. Sep 05
deadline and try it then, with a competition of a hundred 
proposals of virtually all mathematical communities.
We shall discuss this e.g. at the above mentioned HYKE

for the rest, the 2nd annual report shows that we have already
fullfilled 93 % of the "training months delivery" contract within
the first 2 years - an all time record of hiring performance
of a RTN (many other RTNs struggle to fullfil the contract at
all and ask for prolongation because they are unable to do
so in the planned time...)
Unfortunately the commission did not deliver more than 56 % 
of the contracted money and some of our "best" teams in terms 
of hiring are in financial bottlennecks.
I am doing my utmost to deblock the situation. In any case
the funding for the contracts of YRs should not be interrupted.
In case that the place where a YR wants to go does not have 
funding avaliable sHe should be eventually redirected to teams 
who have more funds available and co-operate with other
teams by longer visits.

keep on hyking !

best regards,


in case you reply to this newsletter and do not receive my answer
as fast as expected : I am experiencing serious troubles with
my laptop (defect hard disc plus the usual MS bugs) and
from 6 - 12 Feb 05 I will not be reachable at all, being in Egypte
on my first real vacation in 7 years, without phone and computer.
So in case of urgent questions please mail me (or phone me at 
0043 664 5209 579) until saturday evening.

* 1) A-HYKE3 : "All roads lead to Rome"

The 3rd annual meeting of HYKE will take place in Rome 
Wednesday 13. April - Friday 15. April 2005
at the venues of the CNR (Piazzale Aldo Moro)

The format of the conference and the choice of speakers
is in the hands of the all Italian organizing committee led
by Roberto Natalini.

Please consult
for more details.

I would recommend to book flights early - right now there
are still very inexpensive offers for flights to Rome and
I am confident that Alitalia will still fly in April.

* 1-bis)

There are more HYKE events this year, please consult the
webpage and please don't forget to put events you organize
or that you know to be interesting for the HYKE community !
Please "do-it-yourself" !

In case you organize an event where HYKE confunding 
would be appropriate please put the event in the webpage 
and send an e-mail to Benoit, Yann or myself requesting
"upgrade" to HYKE-cofunding.
*2) practical issues, "HYKE numerical gallery"

Please continue to put preprints on the HYKE preprint
server !

Our ITEC is implementing another nice idea :

In order to promote numerical aspects of the HYKE community, 
a page of links to personal numerical galleries maintained by 
participants to the network is now available on the web server: 
Links can be added on simple request to the ITEC committee 
(E-mail to: hyke_web@ceremade.dauphine.fr) according to the 
editorial policy of the numerical gallery.

At this point I want to thank again the core team of the ITEC
for its most valuable work, in particular Gilles Bares, Stephane 
Cordier, Jean Dolbeault and Philippe Jaming.

The "soft infrastructure" of HYKE, like the webpage+database
with the "events", "preprint server", "numerical gallery" and the
mailing list, will be continued in any case after the EC funding for 
the RTN HYKE expires.

* 3) "HYKE_next" :

what concerns the future of HYKE :
the good news is that the proposal for a CNRS "Groupement 
de Recherche" under the direction of Francois Castella has been
accepted that includes many French HYKErs. It will eventually
evolve into a European structure.
Similar activities in other countries should follow. It is possible to 
keep all HYKErs in a joint long term structure, that will eventually 
attract more and more funding from national agencies in a 
"federalistic" way, like ESF networks.

bad news : to my knowledge no-one tried to organize a proposal 
for a network that contains at least a sub-ensemble of HYKE that
can play our relatively strong "intersectorial" card.
The SC was duly informed by some HYKErs that participated in 
a proposal on "stochastic PDEs" - I hope they succeed such that
at least some EC funding for Postdocs of the HYKE community
is available !

however, we are in a relatively good position for the next deadline
8 Sep. 05 : the "overcoming fragmentation" aspect is best served
by large structures like HYKE or EAGER that had an impressing
performance in hiring YRs and that have proven to use the EC
funding with an enormous leverage effect.
A well prepared proposal for some sort of continuation of
HYKE, respecting the recommendations of the SAB and the
planning group, has a good chance to succeed - more than an
attempt to cut HYKE in pieces again along the hyperbolic and
kinetic border or around applications and sending several
proposals in competition.


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