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* final call
* 1.) 2nd annual HYKE network meeting & midterm review
* 14. - 17. April 2004 at ENS Paris
* ! please register at
* http://www.ceremade.dauphine.fr/hyke_conf_2/index.php
* 2.) midterm review 16.4.2004
* 2.a) please put "joint papers" as "preprints" on the
* HYKE webpage
* 3.) follow up EU projects

Dear friends,

the preparations for our annual meeting are well advanced.

Please find the final list of speakers, the schedule
and other info at

The conference will start Wednesday, 14.4., at 14.00
with an "inaugural talk" by P.L. Lions.

It will officially finish saturday, 17.4, at 12.30.

please note that also committee members and speakers
have to register themselves and take care of accomodation
themselves ! Do it NOW please !

The midterm review will be on friday, 16.4., mostly in
the background of the conference, besides the morning
session that is dedicated to the presentations of our YRs.

Please note that ALL young researchers employed by HYKE
at the time of the midterm review MUST attend (I have
to justify exceptions) and that ALL other YRs of HYKE
The HYKE networking funds are dedicated to the attendance
of YRs with highest priority, so no TO should decline
the request of a YR to go to Paris !

Currently the TOs and myself are preparing the midterm
Please help in our joint effort in the next days to
prepare an optimal evaluation in the midterm review,
which will be also helpful for the next project(s).
Everyone can contribute : please deliver swiftly data as
required from your TO and please put as many preprints
as possible on the preprint server, especially all "joint
papers". Please don't forget to put the HYKE acknowledgement
on all your papers relevant to the work programme.

best regards & C U in Paris :-)

Norbert J Mauser


* 1.) 2nd annual HYKE network meeting & midterm review
* 14. - 17. April 2004 at ENS Paris

Please find information at

There will be 24 talks of 40 + 5 minutes as well as 15 talks of
10 min of "HYKE young researchers" in the context of the midterm
review, where they will present both their scientific results and
their "mobility pattern" - both very interesting.

* 2.) midterm review !

! All former YRs hired by HYKE : please make sure that you sent
the "final report" after finish of a HYKE contract - this has to
be a signed original in a sealed envelope that you give/send to
your TO ! You can also bring them to Paris this time !!

* 2.a) please put "joint papers" as "preprints" on the HYKE webpage

You can contiously help your TO already by putting preprints on the
webpage (also retroacative for everything which was submitted or
appeared since mid 2002 !)

I know that it is a hazzle to do that and I understand scepticism to
the whole idea of a preprint server and to the sligthly complicated
version we have implemented, but still I ask you to play the game
and put preprints on the HYKE server.

please do not forget to add HYKE in the acknowledgement of
all publications related to the work-programme of HYKE.
I suggest a phrase like :
"Support by the European network HYKE, funded by the EC as
contract HPRN-CT-2002-00282, is acknowledged."


* 3.) follow up EU projects

In Vienna the plan of a "weakly nonlinear continuation" of
HYKE was somewhat preferred, consisting of HYKE as sort of
anchor project of the "hyperkinetic community" , with e.g.
additional "Marie Curie Training Sites" (EST) for creating
more training money for Predocs.

Accordingly, 2 proposals for "EST" were submitted by HYKErs
in the April 2003 deadline, both "monosites".
They failed for reasons that have nothing to do with the
excellent scientific and training quality of these projects.

Now we have tried a different strategy with a "multisite" in
the February 2004 deadline, including 5 (of the 80) satellites
of HYKE, focussed on a PhD programme with applications in
biology and engineering.

In case that this kind of proposal is successfull, it would be
a positive test for the whole HYKE community to create more
Predoc money with more of such small "multisites" - of course,
the proposal and the experience will serve for the benefit of
all HYKE related proposals.

However, to create Postdoc money we need again one or more

Note that in Frameprogramme 6 we are supposed not to talk
any more about Predocs and Postdocs, but of Early Stage
Training (EST) and Transfer of Knowledge (TOK).
If you think this "newspeech" is weird, I can reassure
you that the reason for it is even weirder than you think.
The negative practical consequence of the new strategy
expressed in these names is the reduction of PostDoc
positions, where a tacit limit of 50 % is common now.

We shall discuss all that in Paris and on the discussion



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