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Fw: HYKE newsletter No. 5

From: Norbert Mauser (norbert.mauser@univie.ac.at)
Date: Fri Jan 23 2004 - 18:41:20 CET

* info on 

* 1.) 2nd annual HYKE network meeting & midterm review 
* 14. - 17. April 2004 at ENS Paris 
* ! please register at 

* 1.a) other HYKE events in 2004 
* 1.b) "events" on the HYKE webpage 

* 2.) midterm review 
* 2.a) first annual report available at 

* 2.b) please put "joint papers" as "preprints" on the HYKE webpage 

* 3.) follow up EU projects 
* discussion forum at : 


PS: the sending of this newsletter has been delayed due to 
problems (outside the responsability of the ITEC) when 
migrating the HYKE webserver from ACM (at the IHP) to 
Dauphine; as many of you have noted, these problems also 
resulted that the HYKE webpage was partly unaccessible in 
the last days. Sorry ! 
Everything should be stable now, in particular the online 
registration for A-HYKE2. Please register ASAP and reserve 
the hotel on your own ! 

                                        Vienna, 10.01.2004 

Dear friends, 

HAPPY 2004 - 
I hope the first steps of the hyke into a new year went 
well for all of you ! 

You are kindly invited for the 2nd annual meeting in Paris, 
14-17.April 2004 at the ENS. 

 Please have a look at 

The midterm review will also take place at this occasion - 
TOs and and (former) YRs funded by HYKE as well as members 
of committees and boards should be present friday, 16.4. ! 
The online registration for A-HYKE2 is opened - I recommend to 
register fast, since we have a limitation to maximal 150 attendants. 
Also, Easter is high season in Paris and you might wish to do 
the flight and hotel booking not too late. 
Please note that we cannot offer you the service to book the 
hotel this time, so please look at "accomodation" ASAP and 
take care of the hotel yourself ! 
This also holds for speakers and committee members. 

Our long march called a hyke is very well on track - as you can see 
in the part B of the 1st annual report on our HYKE forum at 


we fullfilled exactly half of the contract in the first of 3 years - with 
exactly 1/3 of the budget. 
Now we should make a joint effort in the next weeks to prepare an 
optimal evaluation in the midterm review, which will be also helpful 
for the next project. 
Everyone can contribute : please deliver swiftly data as required from 
your TO and please put as many preprints as possible on the preprint 
server, especially all "joint papers". 
Please don't forget to put the HYKE acknowledgement on papers. 

The success of HYKE can also be seen from the fact that at the 
European Congress of Mathematics in Stockholm 2 out of 7 of the 
plenary speakers (6 out of 30 invited speakers) will be HYKErs, 
where the network is also one of the 10 European networks chosen 
to give a scientific "network talk" : upon consultation of the SAB we 
have decided that Yann Brenier will represent us, which corresponds 
not only to his outstanding scientific achievements but also to the 
great job that he does as the head of the Training committee. 

We did not submit a proposal for "HYKE-2" in the Nov.19. deadline - 
after careful consideration of your replies to my questions/suggestions 
in the last newsletter and of the situation "in Bruxelles" it seems 
better to wait for the first deadline of the second call of FP6, which will 
be most probably in fall 2004, such that we have enough time to 
have a broad and open discussion on the network following HYKE. 

best regards & C U in Paris :-) 

Norbert J Mauser 

* 1.) 2nd annual HYKE network meeting & midterm review 
* 14. - 17. April 2004 at ENS Paris 

Please have a look at 

The Orgcomm and the HYKE SciBoard have put together a 
list of speakers that I think everyone can agree to be if highest 
level and well balanced. 
The programme is focused on some themes and less heavy than 
in Vienna last year, which means that less people can speak. 
I apologize to those who would have liked to speak about a new 
breaktrough result and who are not on the list. 
Please consider that the annual meeting is not "just one more 
conference" but a rare occasion for our joint hyperkinetic community 
to meet and discuss the project as such, so attending should not 
be linked to the condition of giving a talk yourself. 

At the Midterm Review on morning of friday, 15 YRs (Young Researchers) 
funded by HYKE will give short presentations of their scientific work, 
which gives an interestung flashlight on HYKE's key asset and main task. 

* 1.a) other HYKE events in 2004 

please look regularily on the list of HYKE (training) events at hyke.org - 
the "HYKE label" means that "networking money" can be used for 
this event (according to the RTN rules). 
We have about one of these HYKE core events per month, which also 
implies that only little "networking money" of HYKE is available for 
each event - organizers of official HYKE events are kindly asked not 
to make invited talks depending that the speaker comes with HYKE 

* 1.b) "events" on the HYKE webpage 

every HYKEr is invited to put him/herself events that are interesting 
to the (HYKE) community on the web-page ! Please put also info on 
more general events (like the ECM in Stockholm 2004). 
Please do-it-yourself via the interface at the webpage. 

Also, every HYKEr (co)organising an event is kindly invited to 
check this list before fixing the date - maybe we can minimize 
"collisions" of events. 

* 2.) midterm review ! 

The midterm review report is similar to the first annual report that you can 
find at 
for your information. 
Your TO has already all relevant information on the midterm review and will 
stay in touch with you. 

 ! All former YRs hired by HYKE : please make sure that you sent 
the "final report" after finish of a HYKE contract - this has to be a 
signed original in a sealed envelope that you send to your TO ! 

* 2.b) please put "joint papers" as "preprints" on the HYKE webpage 

You can contiously help your TO already by putting preprints on the 
webpage (also retroacative for everything which was submitted or 
appeared since mid 2002 !) 

I know that it is a hazzle to do that and I understand scepticism to 
the whole idea of a preprint server and to the sligthly complicated 
version we have implemented, but still I ask you to play the game 
and put preprints on the HYKE server. 

please do not forget to add HYKE in the acknowledgement of 
all publications related to the work-programme of HYKE. 
I suggest a phrase like : 
"Support by the European network HYKE, funded by the EC as 
contract HPRN-CT-2002-00282, is acknowledged." 


* 3.) follow up EU projects 

According to the feedback to newsletter No. 4 (you can read it again 
on the HYKE webpage) it seems that the union of a "hyperbolic and 
kinetic"is considered as scientifically very fruitful and a "mildly nonlinear 
continuation" of HYKE is wished, where this community stays together. 
The "PAM" idea as sketched there is no option. 

For good reasons we did not submit a proposal for the Nov. 19 deadline - 
despite our success in hiring and the fact that we would need more and 
fresh money already early next year, it would have been too risky to 
submit a new proposal for a straight continuation of an already funded 
project, before the midterm review and with an overlap of one year. 
Any of the "experts" in the panel could have used this as a "killer argument" 
and given what happened in the first deadline of the first call, especially 
the way how EAGER-2 was rejected, we would have had to expect such 
attempts to reject a proposal : the acceptance rate was only 10 % and any 
(formal) pretext to "kill" a proposal was used. 

On the initiative of Jean Dolbeault, whom I thank a lot for this and other 
services he renders us as a member of the ITEC, we have opened a 

Of course it is protected by an (easy) password. 
As a general rule, messages will simply be stored on the website; the 
address for the moment is: 
login: hyke 
password: next 

Everyone is invited to post his opinion and arguments there - you can be 
sure that this will be read and taken as valuable input. 

Also, at the annual meeting in Paris we shall discuss the future of HYKE 
live - in Vienna this "plenary discussion" was very constructive. 
Those who will not attend A-HYKE2 should use the forum to participate 
in the discussion. 

We have enough time, decisions will be taken after A-HYKE2 and the 
next proposal will be prepared in fall. 

I will post information and my personal ideas on the forum, but I want 
to wait and read first what others think, since stating a detailed "realistic" 
plan first might be counterproductive to find new, unconventional ideas. 



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