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* info on
* 0.) amendment to HYKE contract
* 1.) 2nd annual HYKE network meeting & midterm review
*                                15. - April 2004 at ENS Paris
* 2.) "preprints" on the HYKE webpage
* 3.) "events" on the HYKE webpage
* 4.) preparation of 1st annual report/midterm review
* 5.) follow up EU projects
                                    Vienna-Paris-Bruxelles, 31.7.2003
Dear HYKErs,
the first year of HYKE is ending : things are running very well, 
we are even ahead of the contract schedule in hiring Pre/Postdocs 
and this on a very high quality level of the YRs.
Scientifically a large deal of the work programme is already done.
The only real setback is the too little budget for our size - we could
easily hire more YRs and use more "networking money" to fully
deploy the potential of HYKE.
That's also why we should consider to apply for a new network already
this November, with about  twice the budget and an overlap of one year.
I ask all of you for feedback on this idea.
Please try to reserve the 2nd weak of the Easter holidays 2004
(from Wednesday to saturday) for the 2nd annual meeting in Paris.
The midterm review will also take place at this occasion -
TOs and and (former) YRs funded by HYKE are urged to attend !
thanks again for all who participated in making the first annual
meeting in Vienna a big success and thanks to the many active
HYKErs, especially the TOs and members of the committees,
in particular the ITEC and the TC which plays its role perfectly.
best regards,

Norbert J Mauser
* 0.) amendment to HYKE contract
following the discussions in Vienna and recent developments the satellite
structure has been slightly changed, mostly because HYKErs moved,
but also to include selected new people, in particular R. Klein at the FU
Berlin, and V. Georgiev at Uni Pisa.
The 16 topics of the workprogramme have been unchanged. In the end, the
effort of changing the preprint server etc is not worth the minor changes that
would be justified.
Note that the structure work programme has no important implications and
serves rather for structuring our work for the reports.
* 1.) 2nd annual HYKE network meeting & midterm review
*                                14. - 17. April 2004 at ENS Paris
Please block the date in your agenda; more detailed information will
come in September in a mail from the A-HYKE2 OrgComm (Bouchut,
Dolbeault, Mauser, Perthame,...).
The new scientific officer for Math&Informatics networks has confirmed
she would perform the midterm review in conjunction with this meeting.
I'm trying to schedule it at the beginning (Wednesday/Thursday or
end (Friday/Saturday). TOs and YRs should be present, so I ask the
TOs for a feedback if they/their YRs prefer 14/15 or 16/17 April. 

* 2.) "preprints" on the hyke webpage
the preprint server is starting to function well as an interesting source
of info on new papers.
Please take the hazzle and put a preprint there when you submit a paper !
This is also very convenient for your TO to prepare the annual report - there
the "extra information" like HYKE team of author(s) and topic of work
programme is very useful.

* 2-bis) "acknowledgement in papers" :
please do not forget to add HYKE in the acknowledgement of
all publications related to the work-programme of HYKE.
I suggest a phrase like :
Support by the European network HYKE, funded by the EC as
contract HPRN-CT-2002-00282, is acknowledged.
* 3.) "events" on the hyke webpage
every HYKEr is invited to put events that are interesting to
the (HYKE) community on the web-page ! Please put
also info on general "big events" like the ECM in Stockholm 2004
or the current Congress on Mathematical Physics in Lisboa.
Please do-it-yourself via the interface at the webpage.
Also, every HYKEr (co)organising an event is kindly invited to
check this list before fixing the date - maybe we can minimize
"collissions" of events.
* 4.) preparation of 1st annual report/midterm review
At the end of every year the TOs and the CO have to prepare an
annual report with a cost statement and the "summary reports" of
the YRs hired by HYKE.
You can help your TO already now by putting preprints on the webpage
(also retrocative  for everything which was submitted or appeared since
mid 2002 !)
The midterm review report is similar and can be largely based on the
first annual report. YRs are invited to attend the midterm review in Paris.
* 5.) follow up EU projects
As largely discussed in Vienna in February, the HYKE community is in
good shape for new projects in the 6th Framework Programme.
As also Bruno Schmitz from the commission has pointed out in his
presentation (see HYKE webpage for his transparancies or cordis webpage
for full info) there are several important new rules in FP 6, in particular
a) also non Europeans can be hired as Pre/Postdocs and b) there is no
explicit regulation for budgets and c) Postdocs are less financed in networks
in FP6, a 50:50 distribution Pre/Postdocs seems the maximum.
The last issue is controversial, but the current policy of the "Marie Curie
activity" directorate is that EC money should mainly be used for "early
stage training" and Postdocs are there for "transfer of knowledge".
SInce our main interest is more in Postdoc money, it seems not so interesting
for us to go for what we called the "weakly nonlinear continutation" in Vienna i.e.
a network plus several "training sites" (where exclusively Predocs can be hired).
From the feedback in and after Vienna it seems to me that a "linear
continuation" of HYKE is a strategy worth to be tried:
We could essentially keep the same community of "hyperbolic and kinetic"
people, eventually reducing some parts, and add well chosen "elliptic"
and "parabolic" people - who are in already anyhow to some extent.
(Note that we added few selected people of the former "viscosity solutions"
network to HYKE)
The resulting network would have competence in "PDEs in Applied Mathematics"
(call it PAM) and could go for 4 years with an annual budget of 2 Mill Euro.
The next and last deadline for the first network call in FP6 is 19.Nov. 2003,
so we have to decide until end of september if we go for that.
In case it is accepted, it would start funding around fall 2004, when most
HYKE groups will be already short of money for YRs.
Please tell me what you think about this PAM idea !


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