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* info on * * 1) A-HYKE meeting 24-28.2.2003 in Vienna * 2) first call of the 6th Framework Programme * 3) Santa-HYKE : * help for the (library of the) Praha team *


Vienna, 23.12.2002 Dear friends, the preparations and registration for A-HYKE are advancing well (for some teams more than half of the members have already registered) - please note that the less expensive hotels near the conference venue are distributed on a "first-register, first-serve basis". For the flight you might wish to check for "special Christmas offers" that are sometimes valid only until Dec. 25/ Dec. 31 ! (currently round-trips from Vienna to many European cities for the period of A-HYKE are available for about 250 Euros) One of the things to be discussed and decided together in Vienna is the future activity of the HYKE (+partner networks) community in the 6th framework programme. the last news for this year fits the date : SantA-HYKE came to Prague this month and brought 100 new books for the mathematics library that has been destroyed in last summer floodings :-) In a joint effort of members of the team A1, backed by a financing guarantee of the Wolfgang Pauli Institute, we bought this books in Vienna and transported them to Praha. Donations of all HYKErs in solidarity to our Czech friends are welcome. Merry Christmas and Happy New year ! Norbert


* 1) A-HYKE meeting 24-28.2.2003 in Vienna the "online registration" for A-HYKE, our annual meeting in Vienna, 24-28.2.2003, is open at www.wpi.ac.at/hyke In case you wish to give a presentation in one of the 16 sessions on the scientific work programme, please contact the "session organizer" of that topic. (See "themes" at www.wpi.ac.at/hyke - the list of "session organizers" (by default the TO) will be updated) These presentation on the 16 topics will consist of several short contributions and a discussion on different aspects of the respective topic, whenever possible also YRs financed by HYKE should talk.


* 2) first call of the 6th Framework Programme of the EC The first call for proposals was published a few days ago - see the cordis server for details. The deadlines for applications are in spring, some weeks after the Vienna meeting, so there will be no problem to prepare/finetune proposals on actions we decide/discuss. As it was clear from the beginning, the goal of HYKE was not only to get the 3 Mill. Euro, but to create a scientific sound and stable structure on a longer time scale that also helps and minimizes the work and maximizes the chances for future (EU funded) grant projects. The 3 activities most interesting for HYKE for a submission beginning of April 2004 are "T-HYKE" : a network of Marie Curie Training Sites connected by HYKE (in particular via the Training Committee) "HYKE-2" : a continuation of HYKE with increased budget "EC-HYKE" : a series of "Euro courses and conferences" related to HYKE I have already discussed the possibility of T-HYKE and HYKE-2 with the relevant people in the commission and chances are quite good. A proposal for "EC-HYKE" would increase our "travel budget" significantly - chances would surely better than in the last call of the 5th framework programme. I would assist anyone willing to coordinate such a proposal. ! For "individual fellowships" for Pre and Postdocs (now called : Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships) the deadline is earlier than the others : March 12. Note that the HYKE network mostly funds only contracts up to 6 months, with a few contracts up to 12 months. For Pre/Postdocs of the HYKE community looking for longer contracts I would advise to submit an individual project.


* 3) "SantA-HYKE" for Praha The flood catastrophy of last summer that has hit central Europe has done also a lot of damage for our Prague team : among other things the library was nearly entirely destroyed. When I understood from Josef Maleks e-mails that fast help is most valuable, the members of all satellites of the A1 team decided to make a fast relief action in a way our Prague friends themselves defined as optimal. So we decided that the Wolfgang Pauli Institute buys them a 'wish list of 100 mathematics books' in Vienna and we ship them to Prague as soon as possible (On that list there were also several books of HYKErs...) The cost of about 6000 Euro was taken in charge by the Wolfgang Pauli Institute for eventual later refunding by other sources. Up to now H. Engl of the Linz node of A1 has donated 1000 Euro, the WPI full members W. Schachermayer and myself have donated 1000 Euro each from our award projects. Other donations are welcome - please contact me if your project/institution can donate some money (any sum depassing the cost will go to Prague as a cash donation, of course.) The practical organization was largely taken over by Gerhard Rein and Gudrun Kretzschmar in collaboration with the mathematics library of the Inst. of Math in Vienna and in the end, Jan Haskovec, a masters thesis student jointly supervised in Prague and Vienna, as well as a friend of mine who commutes between Prague and Vienna, transported the books. By the way, Vienna was spared from serious damage of that flooding thanks to the ""Neue Donau" ("new Danube" - you can eventually do cross country skiing there in February.)


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