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HYKE newsletter No. 10

From: Norbert Mauser (norbert.mauser@univie.ac.at)
Date: 31.07.2005

* info on
* 1) HYKE1 final phase
* 2) HYKE2 start

Wien-Paris-Bruxelles, 31.07.2005

Dear friends,

today the HYKE as a RTNetwork in the 5th framework
programme is ending.

It was a really outstanding success in terms of scientific
progress and job opportunities for our Pre- and Postdocs,
something that is actually closely intertwined. Indeed,
thanks to the HYKE funds many "YRs" could continue
their science career and found steady positions then;
several of our "YRs" are on full professor positions now.
Also, our research field had a real boost in the last 3
years, with new methods and extraordinary results that 
made it to journals like Annals and Inventiones which are 
usually more reserved for fields that some people consider 
the only "pure" math.

I want to thank all those who have helped me to make the
HYKE vision become reality, to create and coordinate the
RTN, notably our "Scientist-in-charge-of-the-network" Benoit 
Perthame, our "Head-of-the-Training Committee" Yann 
Brenier, as well as Claude Bardos, Kostas Dafermos, 
Pierre Degond, Jean Dolbeault, Maria Esteban, Peter Lax, 
Pierre-Louis Lions, Piero Marcati, Peter Markowich, 
Sebastian Noelle, Felix Otto, Gerhard Rein, Christian 
Schmeiser, Thanos Tzavaras, ...
and Frederic Poupaud

Of course, the HYKE community is more than a EC funded
RTN and we will in any case keep the momentum built up 
in the last years.
The "preprint" and "events" server, the "mailing list"
etc. will be maintained for the years to come, so you are
invited to continue to use it as a valuable source of
information & communication.

Certainly, we will try to get again massive funding for the 
HYKE community via a RTN in the 6th FP, let's call it 

I am very glad to announce that Helge Holden and Yann
Brenier have accepted and started to act as COordinator 
and Scientist- in-charge-of-the-network (SiC) !
Preparations for the new RTN and the 10 page "stage 1
proposal" (deadline Sep. 28) are well under their way.

In my opinion this is the optimal team and I'm very 
optimistic that we will succeed again.

I feel that the Abel prize for our spritual father Peter Lax, 
where Helge gave the key speech at the ceremony in Oslo, 
is a promising signal that 2005 is a good year for us.

let's have a toast all over hyperkinetic Europe tonight
for the end of HYKE1,
for the start of HYKE2,
and for the souvenir of Fredo

keep on HYKing !

Sincerely yours,


* 1) HYKE1

please note that 31.7.05 is the last date where
HYKE funds can be used. This means that all
YR employments have to terminate by 31.7. and
no networking trip can be paid if it took place
after 31.7.
However, the reimboursement of networking trips
can be paid until the final report if the underlying
trip fell into the project period. So if you have some
trip that qualifies as networking that wasn't yet
reimboursed, tell your TO !

Several teams will not use up their HYKE funds 
while others could easily have used much more,
but this stays somewhat within the limits of what is 
normal in a "federal" project management where the 
CO leaves each TO autonomy and responsibility 
for her/his team.
Eventually in HYKE2 the Training Committee could
act pro-actively to optimize the use of funds.

For me and the TOs a lot of work is still ahead for making
the "final report" that will release the final payment of 15 %.
Please make the task of your TO as easy as possible and
send requested information in time !

I want in particular to remind all HYKE employed YRs that
they have to fill out and sign the "final report" at the
end of their employment period, and send it to their TO
or to the WPI in a sealed enveloppe where it clearly
states the name, team and period of employment of
the YR !

* 2) HYKE2

Some of the key modifications in comparison
to HYKE1 are :

It will be impossible to make a "satellite" structure again
where 80 institutions officially appear in the contract,
and we cannot list all 370 registered HYKErs in the 
proposal. Of course, once the project is accepted the 
whole community of HYKE is supposed to interact and 
"network" within the HYKE2.
What has to be done is a selection of 1(-2) "participant(s)" 
per country ! Only these legal entities will figure in the 
contract, with other scientists at other institutions 
mentioned as persons. 
To some extent this is a semantic change. 
For France and Italy it implies that the "participant" is the 
CNRS (via the GdR CHANT) and the CNR.

Note that Helge´s task is quite difficult, since we have to
streamline the project in terms of scientific contence and
structure, adopting it to the new rules. The call will be
extremely competitive and every weak detail will endanger
the whole project, so some tough choices are unavoidable.
Please read carefully the documents like the "handbook"
(new edition June 2005 !) or the "guide for proposers /
evaluators" when commenting/judging/participating in (!)
the work of Helge, Yann and their team.

For the title of the project, the acronym HYKE as a well 
established "trademark" should not be changed.
However, it's a good rule to change the names of COs, 
SiC and TOs; with the only possible exemption for female
TOs - note that to increase the participation of women in 
leading positions is one of the explicit goals of the
Marie Curie Actions.

Please note that according to the "newspeak" of
FP6 the Predocs are called "Early stage Researchers"
(ESRs) and the Postdocs are called ToKs = "Transferers 
of Knowledge" or "Experienced researchers" (ERs).
The official role of ERs is not to receive training themselves, 
but to bring methods to a host in a different country.
Again, this is more a semantic change - the experts in the
panel have to play the game, but they are mathematicians.

However, according to the handbook the main purpose of 
RTNs is clearly the funding of ESRs and a quota of more
than 50 % ERs seems unrealistic.

A good innovation of the rules is that there is no restriction
of nationality for the YRs, we could also include teams in
the US or, say, Japan, provided they bring in their own

But in the essence the RTN activity stays the same, so
let's try our best to succeed with a project that will provide
another 5 Mill Euro for the benefit of our next scientific


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