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* 0) The contract : see www.hyke.org -> "presentation" !
* 0-bis) "acknowledegement in papers"
* 1.a) registration on www.hyke.org 
* 1.b) "new people" in teams
* 2.) HYKE meeting 24-28. Feb.2003 in Vienna
* 2-bis) "events" on the hyke webpage
* 3.) registration of conferences etc on the "events" page
* 4.) "(use of) HYKE money"
* 5.) misc.
                              Brussels-Paris-Vienna, 3-4.11.2002
Dear HYKErs,
the money from EC has arrived (40% of the budget for the 
first year) on the  WPI account and has been transferred 
today to the groups after we got the final o.k. that the 14 
"membership agreements" between the WPI and the group
administrations are legally waterproof. 
So all 15 teams have a full backpack now for our HYKE :-)
Thanks to all of you (262 as of today) for joining this 
enterprise that goes far beyond just spending some extra 
money "from Brussels" for 3 years and having a couple of 
extra conferences in nice places.
As the first steps have shown, our hike is not an easy walk:
for example it was a "tour de force" to reach the official 
starting date Aug. 1st. that was vital for several of our 
YRs (="Young  Researchers" =  those Pre/Post docs that are 
financed by HYKE).(Just to give you an idea of the problems: 
I suddenly had to get documents faxed to Brussels within 
a couple of hours from the CNRS Nice on the 31st of July...)
On the other hand, the things that are in our hands are 
working very well : most teams have already hired excellent
Pre/Postdocs and several official HYKE events have been 
organized or already taken place !
best regards & see all of you in Vienna next February !

Norbert J Mauser
* 0) The HYKE contract :
the practically relevant part of the contract is Annex I 
where the participants and their duties are defined.
!) please study carefully www.hyke.org -> "presentation" !
* 0-bis) "acknowledgement in papers" :
please do not forget to add HYKE in the acknowledgement of
all publications related to the work-programme of HYKE.
I suggest a phrase like :
Support by the European network HYKE, funded by the EC as
contract HPRN-CT-2002-00282, is acknowledged.
* 1.a) registration on HYKE webpage www.hyke.org
please continue to spread the news that all HYKErs
are invited to register for the e-mail list ASAP !
In particular the YRs financed by HYKE must be registered
as HYKErs !Please take care that the YRs employed at 
your satellite register.
This registration in the database implies that a HYKEr
.) receives the newsletters
.) can deposit (p)reprints at the HYKE server

For registration a new HYKEr needs a password that the TO
of the respective group will furnish on request.
In general, everyone is welcome to register as a 'HYKEr"
and participate scientifically.
Concerning getting funded by the HYKE "networking" money,
(pot B) this is a more involved question :
-) we have not much of this "travel money" and it is mainly
reserved for the YRs (Young Researchers) and for attending
official HYKE events like schools and annual meetings !
-) From the legal point of view there are 2 aspects in this: 
case 1) all people who are somehow affiliated ("on leave" 
is enough) at at a place that is already a satellite mentioned 
in  Annex A of the conctract can be included - since only the 
place is mentioned  without any name, even without the number 
of people at the satellite.
case 2) someone who is at a new place that is not mentioned 
in the Annex A of the contract would require a well justified
amendment of the contract to receive HYKE money - which is
in general out of question.
* 2.) HYKE meeting 24-28. Feb.2003 in Vienna
This meeting is crucial and I strongly encourage all HYKErs 
to attend ! We will not only assess the way the network 
functions and review in detail the scientific and training 
programme, but also discuss the future activities, especially
within the 6th Framework programme of the EC.
A more detailed newsletter on this 1st annual meeting will 
follow soon - please reserve the date in your agenda !
Each team will prepare a "poster" for the meeting, where all
members and research interests will be presented. In case
someone wants to contribute to that, please volunteer
with your TO asap (There will be a "best poster competition"
by public vote with a box of excellent red-white-red Austrian 
wine for the team of the "best" poster)
!) also each team responsible for a task of the work programme
(see proposal or the  web-page "registration !) is in charge of
organizing a 50 min scientific presentation on that - by one
or (preferably) several speakers (from several teams involved).

* 3.) registration of conferences etc on the "events" page
every HYKEr is invited to put events that are interesting to
the (HYKE) community on the web-page !
Please do-it-yourself via the interface at the webpage.
However, the label of an "offical" HYKE event where 
"networking money" can be used, requires approval by a "head
of a committee" (i.e. myself, B. Perthame, Y. Brenier)
* 4.) "(use of) HYKE money"
our budget of 3 Mill. Euro might sound impressive and indeed
we are the only network in mathematics in the 5th Framework
programme that doubles the "usual" 1.5 Mill. Euro.
Howver, due to the size of HYKE the budget per participating 
scientist is much less than most other networks.
Again : the goal of this network is not only the money that 
we receive for the HYKE-1, but to create a scientifically 
sound structure with a long term perspective that is seriously 
contributing to attempts of the EC to enhance and structure the 
European Research Area.

The main part of the budget (min. 60 %) is reserved for the 
hiring of YRs. Each team has to hire YRs for at least the number
of months that were contracted (see webpage "presentation").
The rest of the money is "overhead" (that goes to the group's
administration) and "networking money" (= "travel money")
!) this "travel money" is reserved for (in decreasing priority) :
I) attending official HYKE events, in particular HYKE schools,
annual meetings, etc. These events are labelled as HYKE in the 
"events" page at hyke.org (YRs attending a) have priority !)
II) meetings of members of committees
III) mutual "staff secondments", i.e. research visits between
official satellites.
At least in the first year the above rule should be strictly
* 5.) miscancellous
.) changes in comparison to the proposal :
-) a new committee, the ITEC (IT and e-publishing committee)
has been created, 8 volunteers (led by Stephane Cordier) who
do the work on the web-page and the preprint server.
-) some groups have shifted Pre-Postdoc months and made
minor budget adjustements
-) some groups have made minor changes in their satellite
structure, in time before the contract was definitely signed.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
.) "HYKE partner networks"
several networks have expressed interest to form a loose
alliance and look for scientific collaboration and practical 
synergy (like sharing the data-base and web-page structure for
"events" and "preprints" - the HARP network is the core
partner in that respect thanks to the good collaboration of
the Orleans based "webmasters").
At the Vienna meeting several other networks will participate
and their coordinators will give short presentations.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
.) the EC is currently preparing the details of the 6th FP
(Framework Programme). 
HYKE will be in good shape for several future activity types, 
both for "traditional instruments" like "Research Training 
Networks as well as for the "new instruments" like a "network 
of excellence".
We will put relevant information and links on the HYKE webpage 

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